Panama to investigate alleged clandestine Covid-19 vaccination

(Prensa Latina) Panamanian Health Minister Luis Francisco Sucre filed a criminal complaint Tuesday to Prosecutor´s Office for alleged clandestine application of Covid-19 vaccines in San Francisco.

In statements to the press, Francisco Sucre recalled that pharmaceutical companies only sell this vaccine directly to governments on a bilateral basis and so far the Health Ministry´s National Directorate of Pharmacy and Drugs has not received documentation from any private company to bring vaccines to the country.

For such a reason, there is a possibility that these vaccine doses are not real, since similar cases has happened in other countries which other drugs were even applied to, Sucre said, urging Panamanian people not to go to any Vaccine Center not duly authorized by the Health Ministry (MINSA).

In the same way, Sucre suggested to those people already vaccinated in this clandestine site to go to a medical center for new tests, while authorities will subpoena those deeply involved in this case.

Sucre assured that MINSA is at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office to learn exactly what really happened and who are accountable for such actions, since this act tarnishes the continuing vaccination strategy the Government rolls out nationwide.

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