Ecuador issued around 184,812 passports in 2021

The demand from citizens who want to obtain their passport has increased for various reasons in recent months. It is the second week that the Civil Registry decides to extend its opening hours.

The day of attention in the service of issuance of passports and identification in the agencies will be extended in the Main Agency-Quito; Zonal Government-Guayaquil; and, San Blas-Cuenca.

Due to the economic crisis due to the health emergency, lack of public policies and unemployment, Ecuadorian families have decided to migrate abroad. So far this year, 184,812 passports have been issued nationwide. Only in May, 48,290 of these documents were issued, while, in the first six days of June, 12,520 were issued.

The procedures to request the passport also respond, to a lesser extent, to the interest of Ecuadorians to travel to the United States on the so-called vaccination tour.

The Civil Registry reported that, in just 12 days, more than 26,000 citizen requests for identification cards and passports were attended to in the agencies with extended hours in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca.

Due to the high demand, the entity decided to extend its opening hours to Saturday and Sunday at the main offices in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca.

The authorities of this entity have taken special interest in improving care in Cuenca, after registering dozens of people, including children, sleeping outside the institution to get a shift.

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