20,000 tour operators will be vaccinated from June 15 to reactivate this sector in Ecuador, announces Minister of Tourism

Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism, referred to the strategies being implemented by the National Government for the reactivation of tourism in the country and announced that, after joint work with the Ministry of Health, workers in this sector were included within a captive group that will receive the vaccine against Covid-19 as of June 15.

Olsen explained that the economic and health crisis caused by the coronavirus in Ecuador caused the loss of 120,000 direct jobs and 500,000 indirect jobs related to tourism. In addition, dozens of hotel and tourist transport companies have declared bankruptcy.

For this, several strategies are already being worked on to reactivate this sector, among them the restructuring of debts, which would consist in that companies that have a large tax credit in favor can cross these values ​​with other public entities and deduct expenses.

In the same way, Olsen explained that the vaccination of front-line employees of the tourism sector will begin on June 15.

“Frontline operators are those who work in direct contact with tourists. In the first phase, 20,000 people will be vaccinated: 10,000 in Quito and 10,000 in Guayaquil ”.

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