President of Ecuador will travel to the United States for a surgical intervention

President Guillermo Lasso will travel to the United States on June 21 to undergo a new spinal cord operation that aims to drain a cyst.

In 2013, the president suffered an injury due to medical malpractice and since then he has been doing daily rehabilitation.

According to a publication on a digital portal, Lasso’s spinal cord was affected as a result of the application of epidural anesthesia, after suffering a fall in Spain, on March 14, 2013, which caused him to fracture an ankle.

After that first operation he had two more interventions. One in Madrid, a few days after that accident, and another in Cleveland (United States), in 2018.

Since his injury, Lasso has been doing physical therapy every morning to improve his mobility and also uses a cane for support.

The head of state will return to the country on June 30, after he has spent three days in hospital and four in rehabilitation.

According to his relatives, the president would attend this Thursday the call made by the Ministry of Health, in coordination with the National Electoral Council, to be vaccinated with the first dose against the coronavirus.

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