Journalists’ Day commemorated in Argentina

(Prensa Latina) Today, 211 years after the establishment of the first newspaper in Argentina, the Buenos Aires Gazeta, a number of media organizations are celebrating the date, and tributes are expected to important figures of journalism like Mariano Moreno and Rodolfo Walsh.

On Monday, Journalists’ Day since 1938, media workers will remember the historic date of the First Journalists’ Congress, which established the first basis of the Professional Statute (law 12-908), to be proclaimed in 1944 by the National Congress.

With phrases from one of the greatest figures in this profession in Argentina and Latin America, great Walsh, one of the founders of Prensa Latina news agency who was killed and dissapeared during the last military dictatorship (1976-1983), politicians and new generations of journalists will exalt one of the most courageous reporters of this country.

The imprint of Moreno, the creator of the first Argentinian newspaper and one of the May Revolution’s ideologist, will also be honored.

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