In Ecuador 560,000 people were vaccinated in the first seven days of the new plan, according to the Minister of Health

Ximena Garzón, Minister of Health, announced that, in the first week of the new Government’s Vaccination Plan, 560,000 people were inoculated in seven days, but recognized that the number of immunizations per day must be increased, to reach the goal that raised the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso.

Garzón indicated that, on average, they vaccinated 45,000 people per day, as part of her strategic plan; since, they had thought to cover the laggards of the previous plan in the first week and in the next days to increase the number of vaccines and the age ranges.

In the same way, she explained that the first and second doses to be applied will correspond to the same vaccine and that people who have already been inoculated abroad can register on the website of the Vaccination Plan to reassign those doses to other citizens.

“There are two applications that are available. One to change the place of vaccination, the other to register if the vaccine has already been received abroad. Also, if they only received one dose abroad, the second dose can be completed in the country ”.

To conclude, she stressed that the President and Vice President have not yet been vaccinated, but that they will do so this week. Likewise, she denied that she had been vaccinated and indicated that she will do so when it corresponds to her age range.

«I have not yet been vaccinated, but the president and vice president will be vaccinated this week, due to their age stratum, it will be my turn in a couple of weeks.»

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