Guillermo Lasso’s government would also propose a Popular Consultation

The Minister of Government, César Monge, met with the Amazonian and Galapagos municipalities to discuss the problems that exist in their cities and to seek payment alternatives to the debts that the Executive maintains with the Sectional Governments. In this context, he recognized that President Lasso would not rule out proposing a Popular Consultation.

The issues that would be part of this referendum are not yet known for sure, but in the meeting with the mayors this possible proposal was known and there was talk of restructuring some rules and regulations in force in the regional scenario, such as the Amazon Law and having a resource redistribution mechanism.

Three Secretaries of State were present at the meeting and it is one of the first approaches that the new Government makes with this sector.

It should be remembered that, during the electoral campaign, President Lasso promised to support the Popular Consultation proposed by his ally at that time, Jaime Nebot, but after the break they had in the election of authorities in the National Assembly, it is not known if I would still support this initiative or other proposals.

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