Iran remembers Palestinian catastrophe day

(Prensa Latina) Iran on Friday recalled the so-called Nakba or Day of catastrophe in Palestine, whose people saw the Zionist regime of Israel establish itself in its territory on May 14, 1948.

For this reason, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement, in which it urges governments and international organizations to comply with their duty to end the Israeli occupation and stop its crimes and aggressions against the Palestinians.

The statement states that Nakba Day is recalled this Friday amid a new escalation of assassinations committed by the Tel Aviv regime against the Palestinian people.

The text recalls that 73 years ago, the Palestinian nation was deprived of its lands and homes by an international conspiracy that approved the establishment of a terrorist state, according to the source.

During the last seven decades, the United States and some world powers supported Zionism and ignored its crimes, excesses and abuses, the statement stressed.

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