Bolivian Muslims condemn Israel’s attacks on Palestine

 (Prensa Latina) The president of the Islamic Association of Bolivia, Ayman Altaramsi, on Thursday condemned the attacks perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians in the city of Jerusalem (Al Quds, in Arabic).

Those actions affect many people. Houses with people inside are destroyed. A building on the Gaza Strip was destroyed yesterday, the leader of this community, made up of over 2,000 members, denounced on Bolivia TV.

Dr. Altaramsi called for an end to Israel’s bombings against civilians and to prevent Israeli residents from damaging sacred places and other Palestinian territories.

Tensions between both countries escalated last week after an Israeli court ordered the eviction of Palestinian families in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in eastern Jerusalem, which brought about protests by Palestinians and clashes with the occupation police.

The latest death toll due to Israel’s bombings, even with the use of missiles with poisonous gases, totals 83, including 13 children and 7 women, according to several Palestinian sources.

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