At least five Ecuadorians have died in 2021, in a migratory exodus to the United States.

At least five Ecuadorians have died so far this 2021, after the attempt to cross the border between Mexico and the United States. Juan Gabriel Atancuri; Milton Quezada; Luis Joaquín Guamán; Diego Armando Juela and a young woman whose name has not been disclosed, are compatriots registered as deceased this year.

The last case was registered this week. Juan Gabriel Atancuri Tandayamo, born in the province of Cañar, died after falling from the wall that separates Mexico from the United States.

Last March 9, Milton Geovanny Quezada de Nabón, Azuay, also had no luck and died in his attempt to reach the North American country. Luis Joaquín Guamán Yupanqui, a native of the Chunchi canton, in Chimborazo, also died on this journey, due to dehydration in the desert, and in May his remains were repatriated.

In February, after dying in the Rio Bravo, the body of Diego Armando Juela Morocho, from Gualaceo, Azuay, was rescued by the border patrol; while on January 13 it was reported that an Ecuadorian woman from the province of Cañar, whose name was not disclosed, was found dead in an abandoned house in the Texas desert.

These deceased people are added to the statistics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that registers 16 deaths in 2020; 18 in 2019; and 12 in 2018. All of them, for trying to cross the border.

Among other data in relation to migrants in the US are deportations from this country, as well as the inadmissions of Ecuadorians who have tried to enter Mexico.

For example, it is recorded that in 2020, 3,734 Ecuadorians were deported from the United States; generating an increase in relation to 2019, the year in which 2,601 deportations were registered.

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