Transporters announce nacional strike due to lack of attention from the Government of Ecuador

The National Federation of Interprovincial Passenger Transport Cooperatives of Ecuador (Fenacotip) issued a statement to warn that, as of this Monday, April 19, 2021, all transport units that belong to this union will not circulate on any highway in the country.

This measure would be given due to the lack of attention of the Government to their requests, since, on multiple occasions they have asked the authorities for a concrete solution due to the increase in the price of fuels, especially diesel that has increased in value in the last ten months.

Given this, the union had already announced that they would paralyze their activities on April 6, but due to the second-round presidential elections, they would have postponed this resolution.

In the communiqué that they socialized, it is also emphasized that the transport units no longer have the necessary resources to continue with their operations in the country.

«Due to the lack of resources to sustain our operations, on Monday April 19, unfortunately, our units will not be able to go out on the road.»

At the moment, neither the President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, nor his ministers have responded to this measure

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