Epidemiologist warns of a second catastrophe in Ecuador if a new confinement is not resolved

Daniel Simancas, epidemiologist and director of research at the UTE University, warned of a second catastrophe in Ecuador if a new strict confinement of at least two or three weeks is not resolved. In addition, he asked the Government to issue public policy to provide economic support to the most vulnerable families and leave it open only to the productive sector.

«Deaths are going to accelerate, we are going to have a catastrophe and as we do not have exact data, it cannot be projected.»

The expert stated that the authorities had to anticipate this situation in order not to reach this point of lockdown, which is not a good strategy in public health matters either, but that it is necessary given the 40% positivity and the lack of testing to detect more cases. .

He indicated that only in Quito there are 121 people waiting for an ICU bed, which is exasperating because only one in three people is being diagnosed, while the rest continue to generate more infections, which means that the country is only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.

In this context, he described the measures taken by the National COE as lukewarm so, he said, it should be the cantons who meet based on the traffic light processes and take strict resolutions in a society that has relaxed and celebrates when leaves his workplace, amid new variants of Covid-19.

He warned that the work should be focused so that the Brazilian variant does not become prevalent, since otherwise it would be like returning to zero since you want to get infected, they are more likely to do it again: “If this variant takes center stage, it will put us in a critical situation because it can to reinfect patients with greater frequency, is to return to zero and the entire population affected again ”.

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