Relatives of patients with coronavirus arrive in Guayaquil in search of oxygen refills

Due to the shortage of medicinal oxygen, families from other Guayas cantons, as well as from other provinces come to that jurisdiction in search of this input.

Basilio Vera, arrived in Guayaquil from Machala (El Oro) to recharge an oxygen tank for his family member.

He, like other citizens, went to a plant to avoid being a victim of speculation elsewhere.

Manuel Baque said that there are people who sell an oxygen refill for between 60 and 70 dollars. But in the case of Jimmy Troya, who arrived at the Main Port from Vinces (Los Ríos), the recharge cost him 30 dollars in a small place in the city.

Luis Chonillo, governor of Guayas, explained that operations are carried out with the commissioners to avoid speculation and explained that together with the user, they go to the site where they were sold to receive a refund of what was charged in excess.

He clarified that in this way they are acting since they do not want to close down the premises that provide this type of service that is necessary at this time of a pandemic. But he did not rule out investigations into this situation.

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