In Ecuador, the political party UNES is analyzing contesting almost five thousand acts of the presidential elections

The political alliance Unión por la Esperanza, which sponsored the presidential candidacy of Andrés Arauz, is analyzing contesting nearly five thousand minutes, once the scrutiny process carried out by the National Electoral Council (CNE) is finished.

Until 11:52 a.m. this Thursday, April 15, 2021, with 99.87% of the minutes scrutinized, Guillermo Lasso obtained 52.36% of valid votes, while Andrés Arauz registered 47.64%. Absenteeism has 17.29%, null 16.26% and blank votes 1.61%.

In the National Public Audience of Scrutinies of the second electoral round, the vice president of the CNE, Enrique Pita, said that 22 of the 24 provinces of the country have already finished with 100% of the scrutiny.

From UNES, it was reported that they will contest the almost 5,000 records that would have inconsistencies, but, at the moment, they do not mention whether or not these minutes could change the electoral result.

The CNE has indicated that once 100% of the minutes have been scrutinized, the objections and challenges stage will open. In case of not being favorable, the political organization could challenge in the last instance in the Contentious Electoral Tribunal (TCE).

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