President of Ecuador says «I regret the moment in which I accepted to be a candidate for the Presidency»

Four years after ruling Ecuador, Lenín Moreno said that what he still regrets was having accepted the candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic, in the 2017 elections, with Alianza PAIS.

In an interview with NTN24, Moreno said that he accepted, «at the insistence of the former president (Rafael Correa), who painted an extraordinary panorama for me, unfortunately I relented.»

However, he said that once he took office, “I had to take the reins and regrets are a thing of the past. From there to sow the future ”.

Regarding the low credibility of him, one of the presidents with the least acceptance, the outgoing Ecuadorian President claimed that these polls are from the opposition. «I have not done polls, but if you ask on the street, of course in difficult times popularity drops, but there are times when you must choose between doing what is popular and doing what is right,» he said.

Moreno insisted that he does not want to be made monuments or remembered in history. Once he hands over the Presidency, on May 24, he said that he will be speaking again. In addition, he mentioned that he wants to return to one of the passions of his later years: studying the conclusions of quantum mechanics to match human values.

He mentioned that it is his intention, in the first instance, to stay in the country. However, he does not know if there is any international proposal, as when he was a special envoy of the United Nations in Geneva, and he has to leave the country again.

Finally, he apologized for the mistakes made. «There is always to ask for forgiveness,» Moreno said, thanking the people for allowing him to serve and be «the leader of this return to full and true democracy.»

His transition plan with the President-elect, Guillermo Lasso, will begin next week. The Minister of Labor, Andrés Isch, and the Cabinet Secretary, Jorge Wated, will lead this process. He also announced that his wife, Rocío González, will meet with María de Lourdes Alcívar, Lasso’s wife, to plan other issues.

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