Hospitals do not have spaces to care for patients with coronavirus in the capital of Ecuador

This weekend was one of the most serious so far this year for hospitals in Quito due to the lack of spaces to care for new patients infected with coronavirus.

Health personnel insist on a new confinement given the increase in cases.

Although more spaces were adapted in the emergency area of ​​the Carlos Andrade Marín Hospital, these were also occupied and put the specialists in trouble.

At the IESS Quito Sur Hospital, the picture is just as complicated. This Sunday alone, more than 80 patients were waiting for a bed.

In this nursing home, the areas are overflowing and the sick were accommodated everywhere. What worries doctors is that they will no longer be able to treat new patients.

Faced with this scenario, the doctors ask the Government to take urgent measures because there are no more spaces to receive more patients.

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