Candidate Andrés Arauz says «The political persecution must end in Ecuador»

The presidential candidate for UNES, Andrés Arauz, referred to the results of the elections in Ecuador that gave victory to his opponent, Guillermo Lasso. Given this, Arauz called for peace and reconciliation among Ecuadorians, in order to end the political persecution.

Andrés Arauz urged the authorities that govern and that will govern the country to end political persecution and to treat themselves as adversaries, not enemies.

In the same way, the former president, Rafael Correa, referred to the triumph of Lasso and recalled that the success in his management will be the success of Ecuador. Correa also called on him to stop the «lawfare» or political persecution of the ideological currents of opposition.

Andrés Arauz also indicated that he would call Guillermo Lasso to express his congratulations. This was confirmed by the president-elect.

In the same way, the vice presidential candidate for UNES, Carlos Rabascall, published a message on his Twitter account to acknowledge Lasso’s triumph and wish him success in managing it. The CREO leader thanked Rabascall for the words.

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