Seven Peruvian Presidential Candidates Lead Polls

18 presidential candidates and more than 2,000 candidates for the Parliament of Peru close their campaigns this Thursday
for the general elections on Sunday, April 11.

Peruvian pollsters announced that seven presidential candidates share the first place in voting intention three days before the elections.

The leftist Verónica Mendoza of Juntos por Perú, the populist Yonhy Lescano and the neoliberals Keiko Fujimori, Hernando de Soto, Rafael López Aliaga, George Forsyth, and Pedro Castillo of the Peru Libre party lead the intention to vote in Peru.

However, statistics show that the two candidates with the highest number of votes are the candidate Veronica Mendoza and Yonhy Lescano.

«The data is changing from day to day, hour to hour, and with a very large percentage of undecided,» said Manuel Saavedra, managing director of the Peruvian Market Research and Public Opinion Company (CPI).

Saavedra added that on the election day of April 11 there is hardly a «single certainty» and that is that «there are seven candidates that have possibilities» of reaching the second round.

This Sunday, April 11, around 25 million Peruvians are called to elect a new president, a new Congress and new representatives for the Andean Parliament.

Source: Telesur

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