The US warns of an increase in requests for unemployment benefits

Photo: Angeles Times
Photo: Angeles Times

The US Department of Labor reported that jobless claims rose to 744,000 last week, up from 728,000 the week before. 5Es1_http: // 2United-States-reports-rise-requests-unemployment-subsidy-20210408-0016.html

The largest increases in these applications are in the states of Kentucky, Georgia, Virginia, California and New York (in that order).

While Ohio, Massachusetts, Indiana, Florida and Michigan register lower amounts of these requests.

In the week of March 27, there were 3.73 million people receiving unemployment benefit, compared to 3.79 million receiving it the previous week.

That number is the lowest since March 2020, when it reached 6.8 million due to the economic crisis and job losses due to Covid-19. 2United-States-reports-rise-requests-unemployment-subsidy-20210408-0016.html

However, at the end of the week of March 20, the highest unemployment rates were reported in Puerto Rico (6.0), Virgin Islands (5.6), Nevada (5.3), Alaska and Pennsylvania (both with 5.0).

This negative index also included Connecticut (4.6), New York (4.1), Rhode Island (3.9), Illinois (3.8), and California (3.7).

Source: Telesur

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