Bolivia to enter «electoral silence» period ahead of Sunday’s regional elections

(Xinhua) Bolivia will enter a so-called «electoral silence» period starting at midnight on Thursday, with a ban on political campaigning or propagandizing ahead of Sunday’s regional elections, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) confirmed Wednesday.

TSE Vice President Maria Angelica Ruiz told Xinhua that the electoral law establishes the «electoral silence» period, with the purpose to allow the people to reflect on their vote without receiving political messages.

Ruiz explained that the electoral norm stipulates that the diffusion of propaganda outside of the established term will lead to «immediate suspension,» as well as to economic sanctions, for both the political organization and the media that diffuses it.

In Bolivia’s regional elections, nine governors, about 337 mayors, over 270 departmental legislators and over 2,000 councilors will be elected for the next five years by over 7.1 million eligible voters.

Ruiz also pointed out that the health protocols against the spread of COVID-19 for this election will be the same as in the previous election, which were jointly developed with the Pan American Health Organization.

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