Lenín Moreno, with 4% credibility, can say anything about the ELN says Carlos Rabascall

The candidate for the Vice Presidency referred to the affirmation of the President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, that coincidentally the prison crisis is registered almost on a par with the alleged denunciation of the ELN’s financing of the Andrés Arauz-Rabascall binomial: “President Moreno with 4% credibility he can say anything about the ELN ”.

He criticized the fact that in the report that agencyfully went through Teleamazonas citing Semana magazine, he had not been called to contrast the «investigation of the Colombian media» and asserted that he would never lend himself to financing irregular groups because his wife’s family has been assassinated and persecuted by the guerrillas of the neighboring country.

«We have not received funding from the ELN, instead of (Moreno) blaming third parties, at least he must have the dignity of working for three months.»

He qualified as a montage everything published by Semana just days before the elections without proving absolutely anything.

Regarding the aid that would have been the basis of Manta for the fight against irregular groups and drug trafficking, Rabascall said that if this were the case, Colombia would have ended this problem.

«Here it is necessary to create specialized institutions and establish laws to monitor that these monies are not being formalized in the economy»

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