Human rights organizations show solidarity with victims of massacre in prisons in Ecuador

After the riots registered this Tuesday, February 23, 2021, in four prisons in Ecuador, international and human rights organizations such as the United Nations, the Regional Foundation for Human Rights Advisory (Inredh) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) spoke out and expressed their concern about the prison crisis.

Through a statement, the UN of Ecuador expressed its solidarity with the families of the murdered inmates and requested that a prompt and impartial investigation be carried out, the corresponding sanctions be carried out, and that the structural causes of the situation in the CRS be evaluated.

For its part, the IACHR recalled the legal duty that States have to adopt concrete actions to guarantee the rights to life, personal integrity, and security of persons deprived of liberty.

In addition, he urged an investigation of the facts and adopt measures such as increasing security and surveillance in the Social Rehabilitation Centers; as well as preventing the actions of criminal organizations.

Another of the organizations that spoke out before the confrontations that, so far, have left 79 dead inmates, is the Regional Foundation for Human Rights Advice, (Inredh), which condemned this massacre of citizens and alluded that the fact is generated in a context of absence of public policies, to address the structural problems of the detention centers in Ecuador.

The organization denounced that the Ecuadorian government has paralyzed the training of prison guides and after reducing public spending, there is a deficit of almost 70% of public officials in the detention centers.

In this way, he called on State institutions such as the General Prosecutor’s Office, the National Assembly, the Ministry of Finance and the Constitutional Court, to manage, within the framework of their functions, the necessary actions to investigate and address the crisis of the country’s prison system.

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