More than 50 people in prisons have died due to the clashes registered in three prisons in Ecuador

In the Turi prison in Azuay, in the Guayas Zone 8 Deprivation of Liberty Center, and in the Cotopaxi Social Rehabilitation Center, riots organized by inmates were registered this Tuesday, February 23.

In Guayas, eight deaths and two seriously injured were reported; while in Cuenca 38 deaths were registered in the maximum security pavilion.

In the case of Cotopaxi, 8 bodies were raised. The corpses were transferred to the forensic centers for the respective recognition, identification and autopsy. This last information was released by the Prosecutor’s Office on its Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the National Police with the information collected anticipated that the Criminalistics team reports more than 50 deceased persons deprived of liberty.

The general commander of the National Police, Patricio Pazmiño Carrillo, indicated that a control is maintained in all prisons and that in Guayas an investigation is being carried out to find out the exact number of deaths.

Meanwhile, the SNAI stated that on the night of Monday, February 22, a search was carried out at the Guayas Center for the Deprivation of Liberty, for which it is presumed that these events are a sign of resistance and rejection by the inmates, in the face of these control actions.

At the moment, the Penitentiary Security agents and the Police activated a security protocol and carried out operations in the penitentiary centers.

In Cuenca, also through photographs and videos disseminated on social networks, it was observed how the policemen were guarding the exterior of the penitentiary, as well as removing the bodies.

Investigations and actions of the authorities

The Office of the Prosecutor, in coordination with the Criminalistics of the Police, collect indications and evidence inside the Guayas Center for the Deprivation of Liberty (Penitentiary), after clashes between criminal gangs that leave, at the moment, eight inmates dead and two seriously injured. They do this in other prisons as well.

In his Twitter account, President Lenín Moreno commented that, in the face of simultaneous acts of violence in various prisons in the country, the Police in coordination with the Minister of Government, Patricio Pazmiño Castillo, are working to completely return control over the Guayaquil, Cuenca and Latacunga prisons.

Meanwhile, Pazmiño Castillo, mentioned that from the Unified Command Post, together with the Police, they organize the actions to be implemented.

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