Norwegian Nobel Committee accepts President Alberto Fernández’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee accepted the proposal of three deputies from the Bolivian Movement for Socialism for Argentine President Alberto Fernández to be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

His determined and brave attitude in allowing the life of former Bolivian president Evo Morales and his collaborators to be saved, as well as Bolivian democracy, after the 2019 coup d’état, place Fernández as a candidate with the option of winning.

Morales was the one who, through the digital platform Zoom, informed the Argentine president about his application as a token of gratitude for having received him as a political asylee.

Those in charge of promoting Fernández’s candidacy were Deputies Grobert Nogales Grageda, Santos Mamani Espinoza and Gualberto Arispe Maita, who sent a letter addressed to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The three defined the Argentine president as «a jurist who was always committed to the cause and practice of human rights in Argentina and in Latin America» ​​and argued that his determined attitude saved the life not only of Morales, but of the former vice president Álvaro García.

When listing the arguments of the Nobel nomination, they also referred to the books dedicated to Human Rights authored by Fernández and highlighted his management as Chief of Staff during the presidencies of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, between 2003 and 2008.

Regarding the current mandate of the Argentine president, they highlighted the approval of legal and free abortion, as well as the deepening of the democratization process and the enactment of advanced legislation that would allow an end to discrimination and equality.

The three deputies pointed out that Bolivians were direct beneficiaries of this recovery of values ​​and behaviors, for which they insisted that democracy in their country owes much to the actions of the Argentine president.

It was in this context that the Argentine head of state held the videoconference from Quinta de Olivos with Evo Morales, Senator Leonardo Loza, and Deputy Gualberto Arispe Maita.

During the virtual meeting, Fernández affirmed that he only did what a good and democratic man should do and he did not hesitate to state that he «would do the same a thousand times.»

In this sense, the president added that “if at some point I felt that I fulfilled a task, it was when I hugged you on the bridge and you returned to your land, at that moment I saw that we fulfilled the objective. The only merit of mine was taking care of someone so dear to Bolivians, and helping in whatever way I can to bring democracy back ”.

While Morales commented that after democracy returned to Bolivia there was a feeling of gratitude and that was when the idea of ​​the nomination arose.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee must choose the best candidate to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Committee is expected to make the selection by majority vote in early October to finally deliver the award in Oslo on December 10.

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