Guayas and Manabí report alarming numbers of deaths from Covid-19

The numbers of deaths from Covid-19 in the provinces of Guayas and Manabí exceed 100 people, 114 and 132 respectively. However, there is no proportional relationship between active cases and deceased citizens.

The province of Guayas, the most affected in the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, has confirmed 34.137 cases of Covid-19. According to data from the Ministry of Public Health, during the last 3 weeks, 114 deaths from coronavirus were registered in Guayas.

For its part, in Guayas there are 2.816 active cases and according to the latest death toll in the province there is a fatality of 4.05%. In the last month, 243 tests were applied per 100.000 inhabitants.

For its part, Manabí reports 1.794 active cases with 132 deaths in the last 3 weeks, which shows a fatality of 7.36%, in the province 303 tests have been applied for every 100.000 inhabitants.

The number of deaths in relation to active cases in these provinces is disproportionate. However, this situation is not new and has been repeated since the start of the health emergency in the country. It is expected that at some point the authorities will reveal the true numbers of this pandemic.

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