Ombudsman’s Office urges the Government to adequately comply with the Covid-19 Vaccination Plan

The Ombudsman’s Office urged the National Government to properly execute the Vaccination Plan against Covid-19 with the 8.000 doses of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that are in the country.

The entity is concerned about the number of doses with which the vaccination process started, so it believed it appropriate to clearly explain to the population when the remaining 78.000 doses will arrive.

Although the pilot immunization plan is applied to health personnel, the elderly and those who work in their care, the Ombudsman indicated that information has come to its knowledge that there would be an irregular management in the planning and selection of people to be vaccinated .

With this background, he asked the Government to make the data on the application of the first doses transparent and give priority to those who have directly faced the virus.

The institution reproached that the health personnel who attend to patients with coronavirus in the Intensive Care, Hospitalization and Triage Units have not been prioritized to receive the doses and they have had to present complaints and claims so that they are taken into account.

For example, in Cuenca it was reported that health personnel have not been vaccinated; while the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, has already been immunized.

«The country requires that the authorities be accountable for the development of the Vaccination Plan at the national level and that the acquisition of vaccines be timely and emergent in the amount necessary for each and every Ecuadorian that they require, with equal importance, such as they are the different productive and health sectors of the 24 provinces of the country, «said the Ombudsman’s Office in a statement.

In addition, he asked the Government to attend to the various fronts that are in permanent exposure and, therefore, at risk of contagion and spread.

Faced with this reality, as a National Human Rights Institution, it indicated that a technical team has been assigned, on a national scale, to monitor and follow up on the actions of the competent government entities regarding the execution of the Vaccination Plan.

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