11 of 22 Chinese miners trapped in gold mine rescued

22 workers were buried after an explosion in the area; rescue teams managed to rescue 10 miners alive, while 1 is missing.

This Sunday, January 24, 2021, life and death were protagonists in the Qixia gold mine in eastern China, because, 2 weeks ago, an explosion buried 22 miners 580 meters below the ground.

The rescue teams managed to save 10 workers who were extracted from the rubble of the mine and when they came out their eyes were covered, so that the sun would not damage their retinas after several days in the dark. With the people saved, a body of a miner who had died a few days ago was also extracted.

After saving 10 workers, the rescue teams went down to the mine where they found the bodies of 10 deceased miners, who died from lack of food, water and some also from injuries from the explosion.

The authorities reported that there is still a miner who has not been found and they are doing all the work to be able to find life or reach his body.

On the other hand, the causes of this serious accident are not yet known, however, it is known that it took up to 30 for the local authorities to report the emergency. Hence, the national government removed the general secretary of the Communist Party (CCP) in Qixia, Yao Xiuxia, and the undersecretary Zhu Ta.

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