Ecuadorians residing in Venezuela denounce lack of information for the February 7 elections

Mauricio Zambrano, candidate for the Assembly for Latin America, denounced the lack of information on the voting places designated for Ecuadorians residing in Venezuela.

17 days before the general elections are held in Ecuador, several Ecuadorian citizens residing in Venezuela have denounced the lack of an electoral protocol and information that allow guaranteeing the electoral process on February 7.

Citizens accuse the Consul of Ecuador in Venezuela, Gonzalo Vega Mora, and the representative of the National Electoral Council in this country, Jeanette Reyes, for not taking the actions to ensure the completion of the process in the three designated electoral districts, therefore, they considered, it would affect the normal development of the democratic process.

For his part, Mauricio Zambrano, candidate for assembly for the Union for Hope Alliance, for the constituency of Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, denounced the lack of information to the public, about the voting places designated for Ecuadorians residents in Venezuela.

«We have great concern, because the CNE of Ecuador and the electoral officials of the consulate in Venezuela have not reported which voting centers will be identified for the next February 7 vote,» he emphasized.

In addition, he expressed his concern about the lack of resources for the normal development of the electoral process. «The cost to carry out the process is not high, therefore that is not an argument to justify not carrying out the process,» he said, adding that, at the moment, there are no ballots in Venezuelan territory.

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