In Ecuador immunized against the coronavirus will access a QR code

Using the databases of the National Electoral Council (CNE), the Civil Registry and the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), a QR code is prepared to be immunized against COVID-19 in Ecuador, which will be accessed by people who will be immunized against Covid -19.

This technological mechanism will serve as a vaccination certificate and whose pilot is ready and was carried out at the headquarters of the Banco del Pacífico.

María Gloria Alarcón, representative of the private sector in the public-private alliance that was formed last December for the development of the National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 in Ecuador, commented that the Ministry of Health has a department that is involved in the development of this code that will have several utilities.

The technological tool will serve to register those who receive the vaccination in Ecuador and to monitor them, in addition to alerting them about the date on which the second dose of immunization is due.

In the case of the Pfizer vaccine, this requires two doses (the second is applied three weeks after the first) to guarantee its efficacy or immunity of 95%. Although how long this protection lasts is still in world debate.

The first batch of vaccines from the US pharmaceutical company is expected to arrive in the country this week, with which the pilot or phase zero of the national vaccination plan, whose objective is to immunize 60% of the population, would begin.

The exact day of the arrival of this lot has not yet been announced for security reasons, but it could occur between now and Friday, January 22.

Days ago, the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, announced that the vaccines would arrive first at the Quito airport. From this place they would leave for Guayaquil and once they are in the Main Port they would go by land to Cuenca and Azogues.

Today it is planned that a simulation of the route will be carried out in Cuenca as it was carried out in Quito and Guayaquil.

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