50 journalists were killed during 2020

Most of the murdered communicators lived in peaceful countries like Mexico, India, Pakistan and Honduras.

This Tuesday, December 29, the NGO Reporters Without Borders reported that during this 2020 the death of journalists increased, in countries that are not at war such as Mexico, India, Pakistan and Honduras.

Reporters Without Borders reported that this year’s figure is very similar to that of 2019, where 53 informants were killed. However, this year several communicators did not leave their homes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the figure has not changed much.

84% of the murdered journalists were chosen deliberately, according to the NGO, additionally it was detailed that many died in «particularly savage» conditions.

RSF is very concerned because most of the murdered communicators died in countries of peace, while only 32% of the total died in those territories that are at war.

Mexico continues to be the most dangerous country for the profession, because this year it registered 8 murders. Several bodies of these communicators were found in terrible condition. Reports of local corruption, misuse of public funds, mafia and organized crime were the most dangerous in 2020.

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