Andrés Arauz leads results in voting intention in Ecuador

The second place would be Guillermo Lasso and third, Yaku Pérez.

Pollster Click Report published its study for the month of November. This analysis shows that the candidate for the <Union for Hope (UNES), Andrés Arauz, leads the voting intention in the country, facing the presidential elections of 2021.

The study was carried out in the most populated provinces of the country: Pichincha, Guayas, Azuay and Manabí. It had a sample of 2,280 surveys and it was counted with men and women over 16 years of age, authorized to vote.

In the same way, it is evident that Guillermo Lasso would be in second place and the candidate for the indigenous movement, Yaku Pérez, in third.

An interesting fact is that 42.49% of people consulted still do not define which candidate they will support in the next elections. The highest index of undecided people is in the province of Azuay.

On the other hand, 46.05% of respondents would not mind having a young candidate, less than 50 years old, but the majority favor a candidate who is over this age.


Source: Click Report

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