New Minister of Government of Ecuador says that his appointment «shows the support of the President to the National Police»

According to a former general of the Police and government minister, “all Ecuadorians are witnesses of what happened. Nobody needs to tell us what happened ”during the October 2019 protests.

The new government minister, Patricio Pazmiño, said that «by appointing me as government minister, President Lenín Moreno is thinking of the 52,000 police officers and he is telling them that you have my support.»

According to the minister, «all Ecuadorians are witnesses of what happened, nobody needs to tell us what happened» during the 11 days of the demonstration that left 11 people dead and more than 1,300 injured.

Regarding the situation of the Social Security Institute of the National Police (ISSPOL), Pazmiño said that this is one of the most complex issues that must continue to be managed. «The objective is to strengthen corporate governance and generate actions to recover the social security money from the police officers and initiate all legal actions,» he stressed.

In an interview for a national media outlet, Pazmiño said that there are «interests that also managed or were activated for the departure of Minister Romo.»

Pazmiño added that his work will be directed in the political sphere and with special emphasis on security in which, he explained, priority will be given to anti-criminal intelligence.

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