In Galapagos, coronavirus cases increase

The data provided by the health brigades takes time to process and that causes the statistics to increase.

The delay in updating figures in the control system carried out by the Ministry of Public Health causes the statistics of coronavirus cases in Galapagos to rise.

Norman Wray, president of the Government Council of Galapagos, explained that there is no new outbreak in that province, but that the increase is due to this delay.

“This difference is because it was a survey that had a brigade that has developed a wide sampling in the islands. The data will be updated and will be added to the system, «he said.

According to the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), as of Wednesday 25, there were 436 cases in the archipelago, 90% more than two weeks ago.

Esteban Ortiz, research professor, said that it is possible that the increase in cases is due to the fact that a new health brigade arrived in the region in recent weeks.

Ortiz pointed out that in the case of the Galapagos there is always an increase when this type of brigade arrives on the islands.

An Ecuadorian university has carried out a campaign of epidemiological analysis, diagnosis and follow-up of cases in Galapagos since the beginning of the pandemic in partnership with the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Biosafety and Quarantine for Galapagos (ABG) and in coordination with the MSP .

The researcher commented that since Galapagos is a small population in relation to other areas of the country, it is to a certain extent easier to access more people in order to carry out a tracking, analysis and epidemiological control.

Until the weekend, Galapagos was the best tested province in the country with 147 tests processed per 1,000 inhabitants. Pichincha followed, with 68 evidence processed, and Morona Santiago, with 65.

Wray pointed out that a strict control of the measures and tests is maintained to determine the infected and isolate them before they come into contact with vulnerable people.

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