Binomial of the UNES alliance in Ecuador presents its case at the UN

The formula imposed its complaint before the Committee of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of the UN

The Ecuadorian electoral binomial of the Unión por la Esperanza (UNES) alliance made up of Andrés Arauz and Carlos Rabascall has filed a complaint with the UN Civil and Political Rights Pact Committee, regarding the registration of his candidacy for the elections presidential elections next year.

In a statement, the formula reported on Wednesday that it has requested provisional measures for this international body to request the Ecuadorian State to enable the binomial «in order to prevent irreparable damage» due to the difficulty of participating in the 2021 general elections.

Similarly, he requested that an investigation be urgently initiated regarding «threats and other intimidation measures revealed against the candidates of the Citizen Revolution, by some officials of the current Government.»

Ecuadorians will elect the next president and assembly members on February 7. So far, 16 presidential candidacies have been presented, of which 15 are classified as «firm», while that of the Arauz-Rabascal formula only as «qualified.»

The complaint to the international organization alleges violations of the articles of the International Pact, in the following articles: 14 (Judicial Independence), 19 (Freedom of Expression), 21 (Freedom of Peaceful Demonstration), 25 (Participation in political life as a candidate and as a citizen, and 26 (Systematic discrimination for political opinion), according to the note.

In addition, the movement denounces that the Contentious Electoral Tribunal (TCE) of Ecuador «has disrespected all the deadlines established in the regulations, to issue its rulings»; therefore, «waiting for the TCE to resolve in law is neither effective nor sustainable and may cause irreparable damage, since there is a lot of pressure from the Government for this body to prevent the Arauz-Rabascall presidential binomial from participating in the elections.»

The UN Committee on Civil and Political Rights is made up of 18 independent experts and its powers include the establishment of mechanisms to protect and guarantee civil and political rights.

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