Impeachment against Minister María Paula Romo will be on November 24

The report approved by the Oversight Commission recommends censorship and dismissal of the minister

On November 24, the Plenary of the National Assembly will deal with the impeachment against the Minister of Government, María Paula Romo, for the alleged breach of her duties during the October 2019 protests.

Legislators will know the report approved by the Supervisory Commission, which recommends the censorship and dismissal of the minister for the use of tear gas bombs that have expired since 2015 and for the attacks on universities that were a humanitarian reception center.

Until this November 16, President Lenín Moreno expressed his support for Romo and said that he will abide by the decision of the Assembly. «She behaved heroically,» Moreno said about Romo’s performance, at the head of the National Police, during the national strike in October the previous year.

To censor and dismiss the Secretary of State requires at least 91 votes.

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