President Lenín Moreno repeals decree that reduced his salary, of the vice president and ministers

Decree 1041, published in May 2020, ordered the reduction of the president’s salary, from USD 5 072 to USD 2 537.

Through executive decree 1184, published this Tuesday, October 10, 2020, the President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, repealed the Executive Decrees, issued last May, which provided for a 50% reduction in the remuneration of the President, Vice President, Ministers and Vice Ministers of State.

Decree 1041, published on May 8, 2020, ordered a decrease in the salary of the chief executive, from USD 5 072 to USD 2 537; and that of the Vice President of the Republic from USD 4 869 to USD 2 434.

The new decree provides that a reduction of 16.66% of the salary of State officials be maintained, in accordance with the differentiated special working hours in the current public sector, in accordance with the corresponding regulations, and as long as said differentiated special working hours subsist.

In this way, the 50% reduction in the monthly salary received by these officials, and which was even announced by the president himself, through the national chain, are without effect.

The entities in charge of executing these provisions are the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to this decree, Moreno ordered the appointment of the Foreign Service ambassador Mireya Muñoz, as ambassador to the State of Israel. It also amended the Decree that created the Bonus for Children and Adolescents in Situation of Orphans due to Femicide.

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