Guillermo Lasso and Juan Fernando Velasco are the candidates who spend the most money to promote themselves on social networks

Until October 28, the candidate for CREO spent USD 132.422 and the former Minister of Culture USD 31.222.

Despite the electoral campaign and promotion officially going into effect on December 31, 2020, several candidates for the Presidency of the Republic began their own promotion on social networks. Thanks to the transparency tools, the advertising spending on each fanpage is publicly accessible and it can be seen that the candidate for CREO and PSC, Guillermo Lasso, invested USD 132.422 since August 4 of this year.

Lasso’s page is run by 13 people in Ecuador. He currently has 22 ads in circulation on Facebook and Instagram and spends approximately USD10.000 per week, starting in the first week of August 2020. The average candidate spend per ad is USD 300.

In the same way, the former Minister of Culture and candidate for the Construye Movement, Juan Fernando Velasco, spent USD 31.222 on advertising in the last three months. What is striking is that in the last week the expense was USD 16.275 and the ads are paid directly by the political organization, according to Facebook.

It currently has 18 paid publications in circulation with ad expenses ranging from USD 100 to USD 500. Another interesting fact is that this page is managed by 12 people, 7 in Ecuador and 5 in Argentina.

The candidate for SUMA, Guillermo Celi, is another of the politicians who invested in advertising on social networks in recent months. His profile on Facebook is managed by 11 people, 10 in Ecuador and 1 in Argentina, he spent USD 2.832 in the last months and, in the last week, USD 645.

Xavier Hervas, candidate for the Democratic Left, is another politician who invested in promoting his activities through social networks. Hervas’ spending amounts to USD 3.352 from August to the present and, in the last days, invested USD 439. His profile is managed by 4 people in Ecuador.

The last of the candidates who used digital platforms to promote his candidacy was the Guayaquil businessman, Isidro Romero Carbo, he spent USD 1.500 in recent months, although, at the moment, he does not have any advertisement in circulation. Your profile is managed by 5 people in Ecuador.

It should be remembered that the National Electoral Council (CNE), for the moment, does not control or regulate the activity of the candidates on social networks, which allows them to start their promotion before the campaign.

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