Minister of Government expects from the Police the legitimacy in the use of force

This Saturday, October 31, the minister will render her version in the Assembly’s Supervision Commission for the political trial against her.

«What is expected of the Police is the legitimacy in the use of force, because that characterizes a rule of law,» said the Minister of Government, María Paula Romo, highlighting the work of the institution.

Romo’s announcement was recorded yesterday during the vehicle donation ceremony that the United States Embassy made to the Anti-Narcotics Unit and occurs when the Secretary of State must appear tomorrow before the National Assembly’s Oversight Commission for the impeachment against him, due to the incidents recorded during the protests in October 2019.

According to the Ministry of Government, the value of the donation amounts to USD 500,000 and is part of the cooperation agreement between the United States and Ecuador to «strengthen institutional capacity in the fight to combat drug trafficking.»

Referring to the actions of the uniformed men, the official stated that using force, when required, and restraint to prevent the escalation of the conflict is a sign of a democratic Police.

The minister will render her version this Saturday, October 31, due to the impeachment process promoted by Assembly members Roberto Gómez (exCreo), Amapola Naranjo (Citizen Revolution) and Lourdes Cuesta (exCreo). They accuse her of alleged non-performance of duties during the 2019 protests.

Last week in a video posted on her Facebook account, the minister said that «on paper this trial is for the use of tear gas canisters in the most violent days in the recent history of the country, those of October 2019.»

Regarding the impeachment against the official, the Ombudsman, Freddy Carrión, who has already appeared before the commission, said that «Romo’s level of responsibility has not yet been fully investigated, judicially or politically.»

In addition to this process, last week the legislators Gómez and Naranjo presented another request for impeachment also for non-compliance with functions, since it is considered that Romo is linked to an alleged distribution of public hospitals in exchange for votes in the National Assembly. This case would follow from the version of former legislator Daniel Mendoza, accused of organized crime for the construction of the Pedernales Hospital.

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