Cuba ends another week without reporting deaths from Covid-19

While Havana goes to control the epidemic, the Cuban epicenter passes to Pinar del Río this week.

Cuba ended a new epidemiological week without reporting deaths from complications associated with Covid-19, according to the most recent data from the local Ministry of Health released this Friday.

By offering the usual informative balance of each week, the national director of Epidemiology of the Minsap, Dr. Francisco Durán, highlighted that during the week the average of PCR carried out each day exceeded 7,700 in 15 molecular biology laboratories that the country has to such diagnoses.

During the week, 493 people were diagnosed with the disease, which raised the total to 6,801 since March 11. Most of them have been concentrated, during the last seven days, in Pinar del Río (in the extreme west of the country, with 164), Ciego de Ávila (50) and Sancti Spíritus (49), both in the center of the island.

Similarly, the Cuban Minsap reported that Havana, the capital of the country, exhibits indicators that show that the epidemic is under control. Havana has had four days with zero cases and only diagnosed eight in the last week.

In this way, Havana, for months the epicenter of the disease on the island, has decreased its incidence rate in 15 days to 3.5 per 100,000 inhabitants, almost half that of the country. Cuba remains at 6.7 and now Pinar del Río and Sancti Spíritus are the territories with the highest rates, with 59 and 33, respectively.

Of the 10 local transmission events (denomination in Cuba for institutional or community outbreaks with more than ten associated cases) open at this time, nine are in those locations. Meanwhile, Havana, for the first time since April, does not have any active events.

Similarly, the Minister of Health recognized the essential role of doctors, nurses, students and professionals, and the contribution of the Cuban biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

From this industry came the interferons used during these pandemic months and a whole range of products that has reduced lethality in Cuba to less than two percent since March. In the last month the fatality in the Greater Antilles as a consequence of Covid-19 is even less than one percent, when in America it is three percent.

Source: Telesur

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