Laboratories will record coronavirus cases in another system

By provision of the Ministry of Health this change will be from November 1.

The Minister of Public Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, announced that as of Sunday, November 1, 2020, the laboratories of the public and private network will register coronavirus cases in a new system.

Zevallos indicated that the current system dates from 2007 and that it was enabled to report diagnoses of Zika. However, he maintained that he was not in line with the current situation faced by Covid-19.

He explained that a pilot has been carried out to have a previous training of the system and said that the objective is to have more accurate results to avoid under-registrations as much as possible.

«We want to have data closer to reality so that they allow us to make decisions,» he said.

Regarding the holiday of the Day of the Dead and the Independence of Cuenca, the Secretary of State did not rule out infections in people who travel to provinces with a greater contagion or with a reproduction rate of the virus greater than one.

He cited Esmeraldas, Bolívar, El Oro, Guayas, Los Ríos Orellana, Santa Elena, Santo Domingo and Manabí as the provinces that are on the border, with an index of one.

“Guayas is slightly high; it has a rate of almost 1.36. This means that 100 citizens infect 136. But it is a figure that I give to the municipal COE so that they can make appropriate decisions; restricting beach hours, closing restaurants, checking capacity… With them we want to prevent more infections from getting out of hand like what is happening in Europe ”, he explained.

Regarding the situation of the doctors infected with the virus, he said that at first it was complicated because no one was prepared to face the virus, but that currently it is different due to the established protocols.

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