Minister of government challenges assembly members who question her in impeachment

She said that it is not clear whether she is being questioned for the excessive use of force or because the police used less force than they should have.

The Minister of Government, María Paula Romo, urged the Oversight Commission to officiate at the legislators, who filed an impeachment process against her, Lourdes Cuesta, Roberto Gómez and Amapola Naranjo, to answer a question, which will serve as proof of discharge.

«I believe that the request for impeachment is not clear whether I am being questioned because the National Police acted using excessive force, or on the contrary, with less force than was expected of it. Do you consider that the National Police, in the context of the violent events that occurred in the context of the demonstrations that occurred in October 2019, used excessive force or, on the contrary, it used less force than it should have ”, asks Romo.

To carry out this questioning, Romo relies on article 79 of the Law of the Legislative Function.

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