Thousands of people will come out to protest, warns UNE leader

We cannot be complicit in what is happening in the country, we continue to fight in the streets, he added.

Hilario Beltrán, vice president of the National Union of Educators (UNE), warned that in the peaceful mobilization called for Thursday, October 22, thousands of people will come out who feel harmed by the measures taken by the Government of Lenín Moreno.

«There will be social organizations, youth, peasants, women’s organizations, teachers, unrelated teachers, workers and youth who are being unable to study in universities.»

He stressed that the regime has given itself hand and foot to the bankers, businessmen and the International Monetary Fund (IMF): «CREO governs here, the Social Christians who represent the interests of the rich.»

He questioned where is the money collected from the sectors that won in this pandemic that includes bankers and in that context he regretted that it is still the people who face all kinds of crisis because teachers are deducting USD 70 from their role that in the In the last five months he has represented USD500 million to the teachers.

«The businessmen have not contributed and we continue to be the poor and the working class who continue to pay with an accomplice and concealment National Assembly.»

On this basis, he insisted that the mobilization will be peaceful against the government’s measures and lies: «We cannot be complicit in what is happening in the country, we continue to fight in the streets.»

Beltrán indicated that the mobilization will be on a national scale: «Denouncing the atrocities of the Government.»

The leader not only blamed the current regime but also his predecessor as he stated that in 14 years nothing has been done to improve, including the social security situation.

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