José Serrano is the new president of the Justice Commission of the National Assembly

This is due to the fact that Ximena Peña resigned his seat to run for the Presidency in 2021.

This Thursday, October 15, the former president of the National Assembly, José Serrano Salgado, was appointed as head of the Commission for Justice and State Structure. This decision was made in less than 15 minutes and was proposed by the legislator, Rosa Orellana of Alianza PAIS.

Serrano had the backing of eight assembly members: Kharla Chávez (former AP); Karla Cadena (former AP); Rosa Orellana (AP); Rodrigo Collaguazo (former AP); Elio Peña (PK-BIN); Esteban Torres (PSC); José Serrano (AP); and Carlos Ortega (AP), who replaces Ximena Peña.

To this number of votes was added the blank vote of Héctor Muñoz (IND); Legislator Henry Cucalón (PSC) voted against; Franklin Samaniego (RC) abstained; and, Lourdes Cuesta (former CREO), was absent.

Serrano thanked them for their choice and indicated that they will promote their work in the area of ​​legislation and control “to improve the living conditions of our compatriots and, at the same time, to overcome this state of crisis that we are currently experiencing, a crisis that is not only in the order of health, it is in the social order, in the economic and political order”.

After his intervention, the former Minister of the Interior closed the session and announced that he would convene a session in due course to put together a work agenda.

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