Political trial of ministers of health in Ecuador

The Legislative Committee also recommended the impeachment of the director of CONADIS and that Assemblyman Fabricio Villamar be investigated

With nine affirmative votes, the Health Commission of the Assembly approved the report on the investigation of the irregular delivery of disability cards and recommends impeachment against the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos and his predecessor, the former Minister Catalina Andramuño.

The Commission approved the report of the investigation ordered by the Plenary of the National Assembly to monitor the irregularities in the obtaining of disability cards by politicians, judges and even athletes to take advantage of their benefits.

The former minister was summoned, via telematics, to the Commission, but she excused herself from attending and gave a certificate of medical rest and gave information that, in the opinion of legislators, did not cover the doubts of the commissioners.

The former official had to report on the efforts of the Ministry to guarantee the rights of people with disabilities, the control actions against the fraudulent delivery of this type of cards, the imports of vehicles between 2017 – 2019, among others.

The investigation began after it became known that Daniel Salcedo, prosecuted for alleged acts of corruption in the irregular sale of medical supplies during the pandemic, had a disability card, as well as his closest friends, to take advantage of his benefits.

From this complaint, it was learned that Assemblyman Fabricio Villamar also obtained her license for the importation of a high-end vehicle, as well as judges, footballers. There are more than a thousand cards issued irregularly only in the months of the pandemic and which are under investigation.

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