Military confiscate weapons, ammunition and explosives in unauthorized mining camps in Ecuador

The material was transferred to the facilities of the Arms Control Center.

In support of the Agency for the Regulation and Control of Non-Renewable Natural Resources (ARCNNR), military personnel seized in the El Picudo sector, La Independencia parish, Camilo Ponce Enríquez canton, in Azuay, weapons, ammunition and explosives in four camps dedicated to activities of illegal mining.

The camps were known as: Metal, Gold Cup Two, Papa Grande and Santa Rosa. Each of them did not have the corresponding permits for their operation.

Among the confiscated material are 3.420 sticks of dynamite, 2 repeaters, 16 millimeters caliber; a 9-millimeter caliber Mini Uzer; 835 primers; 1 100 meters of fast wick; 300 meters of slow wick; 90 9, 12 and 38 mm ammunition; and 21 sacks of ammonium nitrate.

As they were not properly stored under the security regulations, all these elements were transferred to the facilities of the El Oro Arms Control Center, in order to proceed with the pertinent legal procedures.

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