Former President of Ecuador, Abdalá Bucaram, will face trial for alleged arms trafficking on October 22

The COIP contemplates penalties of five to 13 years in prison for this crime.

On Thursday, October 22 of this year, at 08:30, the trial hearing against the former president of the Republic Abdalá Bucaram Ortiz will be held, according to the Guayas Criminal Court.

Bucaram is being prosecuted, in this case, for the alleged crime of illicit arms and ammunition trafficking.

The procedural diligence will be carried out in the Albán Borja Judicial Unit, in Guayaquil, as reported by the Prosecutor’s Office, this Tuesday, October 13, 2020

According to the summons, the Police Command was asked to transfer Bucaram from his home, where he is under house arrest, to the place where the trial will take place.

The Court ordered the reception of nine testimonies from the police, as part of the «probative announcements of the Prosecutor’s Office», while the defense of the former president requested that seven testimonies be received.

In the event that the procedural subjects or defense attorneys do not attend, for unjustified reasons, the sanctions provided for in the Penal Code will be applied and the intervention of personnel from the Public Defender’s Office will be allowed, the Court ordered.

The crime of illicit trafficking in firearms, chemical, nuclear or biological weapons is sanctioned with penalties ranging from five to 13 years in prison, as contemplated by the COIP, in Article 362.

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