Ecuador’s Minister of Government demands that her impeachment be in person: «Let them confront me, as I have faced the crises»

The CAL gave way to the request for impeachment, after the minister herself had to request that this process be processed. Now, make a new request to be in person.

Despite the fact that the National Assembly has held virtual sessions, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minister of Government, María Paula Romo, asked that her impeachment process be carried out in person so that “the interpellants confront me , as I have faced the crises that the country has gone through ”.

After the Legislative Administration Council (CAL) passed the impeachment to the Supervisory Commission for the substantiation of the process, the minister spoke through social networks.

«I want to ask you to demand that the assembly members questioning them leave the comfort of the sessions via zoom, in their homes, where they have stayed for the last seven months,» the letter says.

The inspection process is promoted by Assemblyman Roberto Gómez (exCREO) and Amapola Naranjo (RC), for different reasons, among them, that the National Police, the institution that is in charge of them, used expired tear gas bombs against the protesters in October from 2019; the launching of tear gas canisters in peace centers and humanitarian shelters; and for the alleged non-fulfillment of functions “by belatedly calling” the Inter-Institutional Committee for the Protection of Journalists and Communication Workers, due to the Police attacks against journalists.

The attack on the peace centers, as well as the use of expired bombs, were recognized, at the time, by the minister. She even made a public apology.

Now, the Audit Commission must summon the interpellants and Minister Romo to present the evidence for the prosecution and discharge, respectively, in addition to receiving the testimonies and documentary evidence that are required during the process.

The CAL gave way to the request for impeachment against María Paula Romo, after the minister herself requested in a letter that it be processed. Now, she makes a new order and demands that her inspection process be present

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