Ministry of Government would buy anti-riot tanks for USD 1.7 million

In August of this year, the process was launched, but due to the lack of national production it was decided to acquire the riot-fighting vehicles abroad.

The Ministry of Government would be in search of tanks to support the National Police in control operations and restoration of public order. That is, to quell possible protests that may arise.

The lack of national production would have slowed down the acquisition and now the intention is to buy them abroad.

A publication made by a digital communication medium exposes the VPN-MDG-006-2020 public procurement process that was launched by the Ministry of Government on August 25. The reference price for the purchase of four tanks was USD 1’748.692.

Eleven days before, the National Police issued the technical specifications for the purchase of the anti-riot vehicles. In them, the description of the current situation of the sector, the area of ​​intervention and influence is detailed, as well as the acquisition is justified when talking about threats to the security of nations such as that registered with the pandemic.

Authorization for the purchase was requested by Byron Vallejo, Undersecretary of Police, on August 23, 2020. He is also the leader of the project Strengthening the National Police for Operations of Public Order and Citizen Security.

In an official letter addressed to Minister María Paula Romo, the official indicated that the acquisition of buses, trucks and armored vehicles are part of the first component of the project that he leads.

With Romo’s endorsement, the process was launched and 240 local suppliers were invited to present their offers, but the contractual process did not have a good end, once the national companies were discarded.

The way that remained was to certify the non-existence of the national production of tanks and to have the authorization of contracting abroad.

During the pandemic, the Ministry of Government also carried out other processes to buy non-lethal material. The first was released on June 2 and the second a month later. Each one for a referential value of USD 2’742.680. The objective was the purchase of triple tear gas grenades.

In countries like Chile, the carabinieri use this type of materials and anti-riot vehicles to repel protests and corner those who demonstrate in the streets.

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