UNES will insist on international oversight to avoid irregularities in the Ecuadorian elections 2021

The European Union would send an electoral exploratory mission that would arrive in Ecuador in the next few days.

Andrés Arauz, candidate of the Unión por la Esperanza (UNES) platform, indicated that they have requested several international oversight bodies for next year’s presidential elections in Ecuador. Some of the organizations that would accompany this process would be the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU).

Arauz, in the first instance, clarified that the National Electoral Council (CNE) will not find any inability in the registration of his candidacy, although several political actors would be trying to prevent the UNES binomial from registering.

“The CNE will not find any inability on my part, there is full compliance with legal, regulatory and constitutional requirements, all the attached registration forms. There is no reason to exclude my electoral participation ”.

Similarly, he asked the National Electoral Council to invite the United Nations to participate as an observer in the 2021 elections.

On the other hand, he indicated that, thanks to the good relationship with the head of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, an exploratory mission will arrive prior to the electoral observation mission in 2021 in order to avoid irregularities.

«The exploratory mission is called like this because the electoral observation occurs the days before casting the votes in the polls, but the exploratory mission would arrive at this time, when the destiny of democracy in Ecuador is about to be defined.»

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