Quito reports almost 500 deaths and more than 13.000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 this September

Mayor Jorge Yunda recognizes the increase and hopes that a new confinement will not be needed.

Almost 500 new deaths and more than 13.000 new Covid-19 infections have been reported so far in September.

Pichincha began the month of September with 920 deceased people, until yesterday they have increased by 497, that is, more than 50% of what there was in the previous six months together.

Quito closed August with 21.589 cases of coronavirus, and during the month of September 13.868 more cases have been registered, that is, 64% compared to the rest of the pandemic, since 35.457 infections are registered.

The curve in this month has not descended and continues in an upward trend. The highest peak this month was on September 23, when 1.500 infections occurred in just 24 hours.

The mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda, who is committed to a reactivation of tourism in the capital, acknowledged the increase but hopes that a new confinement will not be needed.

He recalled that each one must take care of themselves with the mandatory use of a mask, hand washing and social distancing.

Yunda acknowledges these figures and added that they are working on the measures. «There are those who relax, who think that the intensive care units at the limit are only images, that the increase in deaths is only a figure, that nothing happens to them, that the sadness and pain belongs to others,» he said . (C.D.A.)

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